64-Year-Old Millsboro Player Claims $10,000 Mega Millions Prize before Heading to Car Dealership

The Mega Millions lottery has another exciting story to share and this time, it is a player from Millsboro. The player waited a long time before appearing and taking away the prize money he had won only to spend it the next moment.

According to the Mega Millions executives, it looked like that the player had an idea he would win and had things figured out.

The way the player came in, collected his money, and shared his plans with the officials, showed that the player knew what he was doing.

Philip Bonini Won $10,000

Philip Bonini is a 64-year-old man who is from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. The player had recently retired from his job as an office clerk and wanted to go straight to the car dealership to purchase a new car.

The player told the officials he knew all along that he had won the prize money right after the Mega Millions draw took place. However, he did not show up to claim the prize until he was sure he needed a new car.

The player told the officials that he was never into lottery games but his wife is too difficult to handle whenever she visits a lottery store. Whether it is an online lottery ad or a shop, she would always purchase one.

One day, she forced him to buy a ticket alongside her but he said no. However, he was tempted to try it for once and turns out, he was able to win a prize, while his wife is still trying.

Bonini Participated in July 22 Draw

Bonini had participated in the July 22 draw for Mega Millions and the jackpot prize money for the draw was $660 million.

The winning numbers for the draw were 66-64-60-40-14 and the megaball number was 16. The player matched the 4 balls and the megaball to win the $10,000 prize money.

Bonini revealed he had purchased his ticket from Back Bay Tobacco. The particular store is located at Bay Farm Road, Millsboro.

He told his wife right away that he had won the $10,000 and she was really excited. He also told her that he would buy a new car with it and both of them agreed.

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