5 of the best casino movies and quiz!

Do you know your blackjack from your baccarat, are you a casino film guru? Now it’s time to relax, grab your popcorn and get comfy. We have put a list of the greatest movies with casino games.   After, we will test your knowledge to see if you can remember the casino game in the movie (tip it might on be on the list here).

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Movie Countdown

  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Ok not so much about playing casino games as more about a drug fuelled trip to Vegas, and honestly, it did not do too well at the box office. Although now it’s definitely a cult classic and this 98’ hit still makes our top 10.

  1. Rounders

Stars young Matt Damon who assists a friend who got deep trouble with the Russian Mafia, it has a more lifelike feel than a traditional Hollywood movie.  It is also understood Matt Damon himself enjoys the odd spin of the roulette table himself.

  1. What Happens in Vegas

Some people might disagree with this, as its might be more tailored towards a romcom, but with a $3 million jackpot. It’s one of the biggest casino wins in a movie and gives Vegas a lighter outlook!

  1. Maverick

It has everything, intense card games, deceit, fights and a love story. This easy watching film is a must watch and a great crowd pleaser.

  1. Casino Royale

When this was released, people were never fans of new James Bond, especially one with blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, Daniel Craig smashed it with this epic film. The card game in this film included 007 using a defibrillator half way through… standard Bond if you ask me.


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